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Wanna be a BWC Superstar?

You think you have what it takes to be a BWC Superstar?  Then fill out the application below, submit & we'll take a look at it and we will write you back to let you know if you are qualified.  Good luck to all of our applicants

Terms & Conditions

You may NOT join BWC if you are already a member of another E-Fed Promotion!  It is unfair to be a part of 2 E-Feds cause we want to give everybody who is online a chance to be a part of something.  Even if it's a different user-name or character NO EXCUSES!  This includes ALL E-FEDS!  Unless the E-Fed Owner says otherwise.  Thank you.

BWC Superstar Application

Wrestler Name:
Wrestler Nickname:
Wrestler Weight:
Wrestler Height:
Wrestler Hometown:
Finishing Move(s):
Signature Move(s):
Weight Class (Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight/Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight
What is your wrestlers' Entrance Theme? (It cannot be a current wrestler or E-Fed wrestlers theme unless you get permission from the Chairman. Think of something original that relates to your character!)
Crowd Reaction: Baby Face (Good Guy)
Heel (Bad Guy)
Is your CAW/ CAS available for download? If Yes please make sure that editing is available. Also use keyword: BWC Yes
Do you have CAW/ CAS Codes? If you answer YES then email the codes to [email protected]: Yes
Other acheivments outside the BWC (Title History/Royal Rumble Wins/Etc.):
Give us a brief summary of your character. Tell us his history and where hes come from! Tell us what kind of a character he/she is (The best detailed applications get more of a chance of bieng hired on the spot!!!):
Email Address:
JTV/TwitchTV User Name:
By filling out and submitting this application do you agree to the Terms & Conditions? Failure to do so will result in permanent termination from BWC & possible ban from the BGN Live channel on Twitch. Yes

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