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What is an E-Fed?

An E-Fed is a Role Playing Fantasy Wrestling Federation! So kind of like Fantasy Football but Wrestling instead. We are 1 of many different types of E-Feds. Some E-Feds use dice or require an instant messenger program like AIM or Yahoo to play. But BWC is a Visual E-Fed. We create our world using the WWE video game series to base our universe! The WWE games allow us to create our own wrestling stars with the Create-a-Wrestler function! WWE games also includes Create-a-Story, Entrance, Teams & Move-sets. So we use the game and create or own shows and brands. JTV Users can ask me to create a wrestler to represent them selves in the Fed and watch as their superstar rises to the top! The E-Fed rules are CPU vs CPU so everybody gets a fair shot! I only ever play in a match if it involves a Major Storyline that is have written. We have our own broadcasting channel which we use to broadcast our weekly E-Fed shows publicly for all to see! We also have a Twitter account which keeps you posted on all or E-Fed Match Results and Events!  Good luck to all our applicants!

BWC E-Fed Rules & Regulations

  1. To join the Brotherhood Wrestling Company (BWC) as a Superstar or Babe, please Superstar Application which can be found on the "Join BWC" link!
  2. You must be a MALE to be a Superstar and a FEMALE to be a Babe!
  3. You can only have 1 Character in our Fed to represent you! Space is limited and everyone deserves to be seen in the spotlight!
  4. You MAY NOT be a part of 2 E-Feds at once! You sign with BWC, you must be loyal! NO MOONLIGHTING!  Failure to do so will result in termination from our E-Fed and a Ban from the channel!
  5. Only the most detailed applications get the spot quicker! If you don't make it the first time patience. We know who you are and will get you a spot if one opens up!  Also if you happen to have your CAW up for download on the Xbox Live/PSN servers.  It can also get you a better chance at being hired.
  6. If you leave the fed for any reason such as joining another E-Fed, quitting or termination.  You will be banned for a full 6 Months from rejoining the federation.
  7. Have fun!!!

Admin Rules

  1. BE RESPECTFUL.  Everyone in BWC is working hard to make their way to the top.  Don't "bury" the talent.  Everybody has the right to their own opinion.  If however you feel you are being personally attacked or if somebody is abusing their membership rights.  Please take the issue up with the GM or the Chairman.  Preferably the GM as he/she is responsible for making sure things run smoothly.

2. SITE MANAGEMENT.  The admins ARE allowed to make the following adjustments:

  1. Victory & Attendance records
  2. Archive Updates

You MAY NOT do the following UNLESS you have permission from the BWC General Manager or Chairman:

  1. Delete Superstars/Babes from the Attendance List
  2. Revoke Member Accounts or Access to the site
  3. Putting people in the Alumni section. (This is the Job of the GM or Chairman)
  4. Deleting Promo's
  5. Editing Promo's & Posts.  This shows lack of compassion/respect for the other stars.  Don't do it.
  6. Lock Topics

3. TWITCH MODS.  If somebody is being disrespectful of the cast you have the right to warn them first.  Then you may time them out.  NO BANNING without the permission of the Channel Owner.

4.  SITE MAINTENANCE.  The Job of the Admins on this site is not just to make sure things run smoothly.  But to keep things UPDATED as well.  Please keep the site as updated as possible.

5.  PERSONAL ISSUES.  If you have a personal issue or dislike with another talent or admin on the roster, please take it up with the GM (preferably) or the Chairman.  Do NOT abuse your authority.  Even though BWC is a Fantasy League E-Federation.  We run this place like a business as if WWE was running the show.  We take the running of the show VERY SERIOUSLY.

6.  CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR.  When it comes to BWC.  We have no problem with confidence.  But with confidence it can sometimes lead to arrogance.  It happens a lot.  We will NOT tolerate it.  Remember that the CHAIRMAN and the GM are your bosses.  They run the show you don't.  Show humbleness not only to them but your fellow admins, and co-workers.

Anybody who has a problem conforming to these rules is more than welcome to step down from their position with no consequences.  We have the right to release you from your admin duties.  Please follow the rules.  Other than that have fun and we thank you for doing what you do!

Forum Rules

1.  NO SPAMMING:  If someone posts a promo and you are not involved in it in anyways unless given permission by the writer.  You may not post anything in it.  UNLESS its a comment or constructive Criticism. Any posts seen as just there to start and argument, will be noted and you will be given a warning, three warnings and you WILL be banned from the BWC Forums for seven days.  Also if you want to be apart of it send a PRIVATE message to the writer to get permission.  If you feel that your promo has been violated please flag and a BWC staff member will look it over and delete the post if needed.  Repeating of spamming will result in a suspension and or a permanent ban from the BWC Forums.  NO excuses.


2.  NO REAL LIFE THREATS OR BASHING:  You are not allowed to bash or personally attack anybody or their family members in ANY section of the BWC forums.  There is no tolerance from threats and it will not be allowed.  The only exception if it is in a promo sence with some language within reason.  Like "I fucked your mom" I am cool with that.  But any kind of threats is a hell no.


3.  BEEF AND COMPLICATIONS:  If you are gonna post something in this section.  Please take some time and think about it.  Are you being legit.  Or are you being a whiny little bitch?   If the problem is real personal do not post it here.  Talk to a BWC Supervisor (JaX or Pretty).  If we cant help just post it and we will see what we can do.


4.  KAYFABE RULES:  So that people don't get REAL LIFE confused with ACTION aka Storyline.  We are changing the rules about posting.  IF you are posting a forum post in your CHARACTER please use a BOLD COLOR FONT that way we know not to take it seriously.  If you are being your REAL LIFE self just use the forums default font.   To add on to this please don't get it confused and type something in bold then later in your real life font or visa versa say "i didn't mean to".  Cause that is total bullshit and it will not be tolerated.   Also you may type real life comments on your own promo for instructional purposes only.


5.  VIDEO PROMO's:  If you guys want to do promos via VIDEO  please post it on YouTube and you are required to post a link to that video in the PROMO ARCHIVES.  All videos will be reviewed and the only videos to be posted in this post are PROMO only for BWC purposes.  They will be reviewed.

6.  FLAGGING POSTS.  Only Flag the post if you feel it is a personal issue.  We will check the posts that are flagged.  Don't abuse your flagging privileges or you will be removed from the site.  Admins please let the GM or Chairman know about the posts before unflagging them.

Promo Rules. (Edited by GM Sha Raye)

( JaX and I would like to take this time to credit Magnum Storm and BeastMode for taking time out of their busy schedules to help compile these rules alongside information we have spoken to them about )

Okay everyone I know I don't usually have the time to post on here and its understandable with me being in school and a full time mother of 3 growing children, being a wife, a homemaker, and being extremely active in my children's schooling but I am getting sick and tired of the blatant disrespect I receive from the people in our company and the ever so frequent cries of unfairness and favoritism. So I have decided this as General Manager of BWC and assistant to JaX, since I am in charge or story-lines and match cards and pushes and so forth, if someone makes a promo that I am unable to understand, or one that makes me question if we are dealing with adults or kindergarten children, then it will NOT be used in the shows or in any stories. As I am sure most of you must be at least high school age or older then I don't feel its asking much of you to please make a promo legible enough for me to skim through it, comprehend it and utilize it in the show. This being said, here are the now and forevermore NEW RULES to making promos and just basic protocol for being in BWC. Other things that will also be considered for ALL stars new and old male and female, is attendance! Tardies, no shows, early leaving and just over all missing shows each week will not be tolerated. If jax and I with our busy lives and schedules and children can take the time to be there on Tuesday nights at 9pm then we expect that out of the rest of you as well unless you have a legitimate excuse such as illness, death in family, exams for school the next morning, late shifts at work, (however I know most jobs have random schedules so you wouldn't be required to work late EVERY Tuesday night I know..) and natural disasters in your city. Even with these, we require that you inform me at least one week in advance for the school one or work one, as the others can't be predicted in advance. I am re-implementing the original 3 strikes and you are dismissed rule with no chance of rehire for 6 active BWC months. NO excuses. Now without any further adeu, here are the Rules. Read them carefully AND at the end of this post reply with I understand and I agree and sign your name or characters name. For those who won't comply, there will be strict disciplinary actions. If other e feds can get respect and dedication then BWC deserves it as well. Thanks for your time, and lets all try to remember this is wrestling entertainment guys!

Rule #1 A Promo is more than one line/sentence long. If you cant write more than one sentence or line and call that a promo you're being lazy and don't deserve a title shot

Rule#2 DON'T just write the first thing that comes to your head, do you think CM Punk goes out there and just says the first thing that pops into his head? no he doesn't he actually thinks of what to say

Rule#3 Actually know where you are going with a promo DON'T just spout of random stuff that makes no sense to anybody but you and whatever you were on at the time

Rule#4 DON'T try to copy anybody else's style of promo because that's their style and you trying to copy them means you think you know what's going on in their heads so pick your own style and go with it

Rule#5 If you are struggling with a promo and don't know what to say DON'T just write something generic like "i challenge this person to a fight" because it looks bad and makes you seem like an idiot, remember guys we are meant to be wrestler have a bit of charisma about your work

Rule #6 PROOFREAD YOUR SHIT BEFORE U POST IT!!! Yes we are admins and have the power to edit but we shouldn't HAVE TO Make sure your shit is clear and spelled correctly BEFORE you hit post otherwise if we don't understand what you're saying how can we include it in the show?

Rule#7 DON'T swear and cuss after every second word of your promo because then it looks like this EX. "I am going to fuck you up fuck you mother fucker suck a dick eat some shit I'm going to kick your ass because I'm the best mother fucker" and so on and so forth do you guys think JaX actually wants to sit there and say all that out loud whilst his kids could be in the background? THINK OF OTHER PEOPLE FIRST NOT YOURSELVES

Rule #8 make sure your promo is appropriate for what's happening with YOUR CHARACTER!!! For example if you know you haven't won a match since you debuted don't go DEMANDING a title shot

Rule#9 DON'T bring out of character subjects into your promos the rules are if they say it in a promo then it's FAIR GAME but going into some ones personal life is just wrong you wouldn't like it if they did it to you so don't do it to anybody else

Rule #10 No one wants to read paragraphs of BITCHING. The promo section is not the place to air YOUR grievances its there to air your CHARACTERS grievances...Remember that

Rule#11 being a heel and face are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS you can't be a face and be like screw everyone because then you are a face that is trying to be a heel and you sound like you are unhappy about being a Face if jax and pretty say you are a face then guess what you are? that's right A FACE

Rule #12 If you mention someone in your promo and you don't want them to answer in your promo...CLOSE IT!!! Type *Camera Fades to Black* or SOMETHING signifying the END of your promo otherwise its fair game for the person you mentioned to enter your locker room and promo back at you and do whatever they want.

and now there will be two example promos on from myself and on from Beastmode


*the scene opens with link standing in his locker room pacing back and forth*

link: So i guess you guys have seen my start to the year huh? it's not been a good one for me but as I always say I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, I am link the headbutting maniac and I don't care if I win, lose, draw or don't even show up to my match because i know why all my opponents try to finish me of quickly it's because they are scared of me and the damage I can do if I headbutt them don't worry BWC Viewerverse i will continue to headbutt my way to the top and someday I WILL be your NEW BWC WORLD CHAMPION if Dante can do it then I KNOW I can.

*Link turns around and headbutts the wall behind him leaving an imprint of his head, he then walks of camera as it fades to black*


*Scene opens up in BeastMode's Locker room as he sits looking ready for a fight*

BeastMode: Oh hey Fat ass. Yes Scorpion I'm talking to you. You see I feel that we have some Unfinished business that we need to settle. We seem to be tied as far as wins this year against each other. I propose that we finish this little piece of business so that we can both go about our careers. But Be warned that I aint comin with that same mentality that allowed u to get that one win on me. U see Scorpion I know you. Probably better than anyone and I know what ur all about so Let's settle this once and for all so I can prove to the WORLD that you are not in my realm.

*Camera Fades to Black as the cameraman leaves*

you see easy. Now did you notice that we both ended the promo with the camera fades to black? and also how we knew what we were going to say, where we were going with the promo and what point to make and did you see there were cuss words but they made a point rather than just random spewing of at the mouth. So IF you follow these 12 steps they can and will help you if you LET THEM if you don't then don't go bitching to JaX and pretty about title shots or not being in high profile matches. That's class for today kids hopefully we won't see you again