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BWC Champions & History

Welcome to the hall of BWC Champions!  Here you can view our current BWC Title Holders as well as Title Records.  You can also get a glimpse of the BWC Titles of the past.

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BWC Championship Titles

BWC World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Dark Phantom

BWC Backbreaker Championship

Current Champion: Tomahawk

BWC United States Championship

Current Champion: Tomahawk

BWC Tag Team Championship

Current Champions: Robert Stars & Kevin Gurke

BWC Bloodlust Championship

Current Champion: Scorpion

BWC Cruisers Championship

Current Champion: "The Incredible" D

BWC Babes Champion

BWC Babes Tag Team Championship

Current Champion:  Marissa Chaos

Current Champion: The Naughty Girls

Retired BWC Championship Titles

BWC Federation Championship

Xtreme Division Championship


Xtreme Babes Championship

Xtreme Tag Team Championship